Feature Design Cyber-shot DSC-G3
Feature Design Cyber-shot DSC-G3

Broad-based portal to photo sharing

Furue: Photos you shoot can be uploaded without a computer to photo-sharing or social networking sites. To do it, we built wireless networking and a full-featured browser into the DSC-G3. Still, screen space is limited, and merely making the camera a window to each site without some refinement would discourage you from uploading shots whenever you wanted to. The sites would be hard to view. Because it's a camera, after all, it was better to forget the fact that it has a fairly powerful browser and focus on providing a convenient way to upload shots.

This was our consensus when designing the camera's portal to these sites. Several services are supported, and whichever you choose, you'll see the same interface for easy uploading. It's also flexible enough to add sites that become available in the future. In this way, the DSC-G3 is really more than a camera; it's your portal to photo sharing.

It's also easy to use. Once you complete the wireless network settings and choose a service, just press the WLAN button on the side of the camera to access the site. The camera immediately acquires information from the destination server, such as the folder structure. You'll see this information in the interface. For example, if you set up folders called "Friends" and "Family" on a site, you can select the folders on the camera, and you can upload the shots you want to share for the desired viewers. You can also browse images already on the service sites.

In the DSC-G3, you'll find camera functions and sharing functions. But because both use unified interfaces and controls, operation is clear. It's enjoyable because switching between camera and network operations is transparent and seamless. That was a goal of ours for this interface.

From introducing a novelty to setting a standard

Masamitsu: Now that sharing photos online is so common, cameras that support all processes from shooting to uploading and even browsing certainly offer tremendous advantages. Such an advantage that it's not far-fetched to imagine it becoming a standard feature of cameras, although this is just one of many possibilities.

For now, the DSC-G3 is the only compact digital camera that does it. The G series in the Cyber-shot line has attracted attention for novel features, but the refined design of the DSC-G3 will appeal to a broader range of people. Young women on vacation, taking some shots.

Casually viewing their images. And then choosing images to share and uploading them. In each situation, the camera is a perfect match. And it shows how the G series is especially qualified to meet current needs. How we see it, just like the T series and W series, the G series is already setting a new standard.

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