Feature Design "Cyber-shot" DSC-T700/T77
Feature Design "Cyber-shot" DSC-T700/T77

Conveying designers' unspoken messages in promotional activities

Daisuke Ishii

Ishii: With Sony designers, there's a message behind every line, every surface of the products we release. Whether these messages reach the market intact is, of course, a point that the designer must take responsibility for, by focusing more attention on it. Looking at it realistically, however, there are bound to be a few cases where, as information is relayed around the country, the promotion changes from that originally intended by the design and marketability of the product. Therefore, I have wanted to strengthen the bridge between product development and marketing. For this reason, we have established a system for product designers to contribute in promotion, and it's my job to facilitate this. In this project, I ensured that the key reasons for why products take the shape our design team chose are expressed well, and that the color concepts are conveyed accurately. I believe this must be a source of brand power, and that it determines the composition of each color used to illustrate products, each brochure, and our visual representations in general.

It was great to be able to integrate designers' viewpoints in art direction for TV commercials and ads that reach people in public places such as train systems. Promotion of the T series in Japan this time involves a celebrity. If we rely too much on the image of the celebrity, however, we risk getting our priorities backwards if the product's finest points aren't conveyed well. It's critical to draw out this representative's individuality and effectively and accurately link it to the product's sense of design and what's appealing about the colors, for example. This assures us of conveying the product's winning features well, which can also enhance product identity. When people equate Sony with a leading camera brand, we enjoy a stronger market position.

Camera cases and waterproof packs have also been updated for the new T series. With new cameras and new accessories, I think the "Cyber-shot" T series is more compelling than ever.

Feature Design Cybershot DSC-T700/T77Feature Design Cybershot DSC-T700/T77

The T series, epitomizing Sony style

Feature Design Cybershot DSC-T700/T77

Masamitsu: These cameras stand out as particularly good examples of Sony ideals. By this, I mean that the products themselves are formidable. Bland product design or unpersuasive promotion bespeaks a lack of confidence in products.

These are issues we cleared easily for the DSC-T700 and DSC-T77. Many models since the DSC-T1 have sought to capitalize on higher resolution, larger screens, or more compact cameras. We often see models just getting by on contrivances and embellishments to make them look slimmer when they actually aren't. Camera displays at retailers are particularly dazzling. But we wanted to set the T series apart on a different level. Instead of adding needless lines or surfaces, the series asserts a sense of presence through simple design backed by solid technology. We would like Sony cameras to maintain this tradition.

Additionally, compact internal devices in these cameras have enabled us to get back to our original values in the T series. Sony also offers W series digital still cameras, Alpha branded SLRs, and others, but T series cameras are taken along with owners wherever they go because they're slimmer. Naturally, people can capture different kinds of shots because of this. Making the T series as enjoyable as possible and all it was meant to be is our ongoing commitment.

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