Feature Design Color / Pink
Feature Design Color / Pink

Brimming with color, bursting with individuality

Otani:Look into the “WALKMAN” S series, and you'll find basic and noise-canceling players (models NW-S640 and S740, respectively). Two versions also come with a speaker dock (NW-S640K/S740K). Outside of Japan, we offer a similar model with built-in speakers which I managed industrial design for, the NWZ-S540 series.

In styling, they were all developed along the same lines. First, we clearly distinguished the controls from the display section. Hit Play, and that's where it all begins—that's the message behind the circles spreading out from the buttons like ripples on the surface.

See the models in person, and you'd be amazed at how the unique color schemes of each series set them apart from the others, despite sharing the same design concept. Pink players are available in each series. In the NW-S640 (designed with younger music lovers in mind), the player looks like some kind of cute accessory, combining vivid and pastel hues of pink. In contrast, an air of elegance was needed in the NW-S740, which is graced by a two-tone color scheme. The LCD screen seems to vanish into the black frame, in contrast to glamorous pink controls. We adjusted the hue toward cyan, and this color is actually marketed as violet.

Meanwhile, the vivid pink NWZ-S540 I contributed to satisfies a general Latin American preference for bold colors.

Fukamatsu:To ensure that what's displayed on the “WALKMAN” S and A series goes well with the body color, we worked with our user interface and graphic design teams to create the wallpaper. Color-coordinated wallpaper is one way to entice people to take a closer look at these attractive models, and we emphasize this feature in store displays and product brochures.

Fashionable—a key function not listed in specs

Yamagishi: I recently designed stereo headphones for younger customers (MDR-370P). Here, pink is a color option we chose with girls in mind.

It's easy to say you like pink, but of course, each person has a favorite hue. This styling was chosen especially for girls who might enjoy showing off these over-the-head headphones while listening, as part of their sense of fashion. Headphones are the only element of portable audio players that are always in view, and we refined the styling and color of these headphones imagining colorful, cute fashion.

Our design work began with a discussion about the trendy clothes and accessories of girls who would like these headphones. This led to a slender headband that won't disturb the wearer's hairstyle, as well as a cheerful bubble pattern on the band. Violet is used as an accent color on the ear pads and cord. I thought it would be great if girls chose the headphones in the same spirit they pick out matching clothes.

They may look appealingly simple, but if designers are not careful, this is exactly the kind of product that seems cheap and undesirable. Our goal was nice, minimal design worthy of the Sony name. In the concealed mechanism for adjusting the band length and other touches, I think we succeeded in creating an example of seamless, simple design.

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