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Ideally, a set that catches your eye even when off

BRAVIA:X Series/XBR Series
The Sony logo lights up when the set is turned on and fades out when playback starts.

Niitsu: I want to design TV sets that are objects people find beautiful even when not in use. Take sofas, for example. Besides being comfortable to sit in, some sofas are satisfying just to look at. It's the same idea. Watch TV on the set, and you focus on the superb picture quality; turn it off, and the set still looks attractive. To me, television sets are furniture, after all.

With a 52-inch model available, though, the size alone qualifies the X Series/XBR Series as furniture. The larger things are, the greater their sense of presence. But if they're too bold, it's unattractive. As furniture, naturally, it must blend in well where it's used. That's a reason for the floating design and color options. In fact, it's probably unprecedented worldwide to offer color options in AV equipment as large as the X Series/XBR Series.

I'd like to continue designing things that delight people and go well in homes. People are delighted the moment they make the purchase. And the moment it's installed and ready to enjoy, it goes well in the room. I'd be satisfied if a new set instantly felt familiar to owners, as if they'd been using it for years. And if, instead of tiring of a set over time, owners view it as part of their home, part of their lifestyle; like a perfect marriage, perhaps. At the risk of being misunderstood, I could say I seek a natural kind of design that doesn't seem like design. That's the ideal I'm aiming for.

Constantly pushing the potential of design

Tsuchiya: People like the seven color options* available worldwide in the top model. We get compliments from customers who see them in person. "I thought I would definitely choose silver, but the other colors look surprisingly nice," or "I never thought I would like this color, but it's more attractive than I expected." Of course sets must match people's tastes and blend in with interiors, but I think they also symbolize something in people's lifestyles. People who enjoy hosting parties might choose red, for example.

LCD TVs continue to offer larger screens that dominate the space available for design. But we must never disregard the potential of design. Look at picture frames—they come in thousands of sizes and styles. Obviously, we can't do the same thing with TVs, but we must remember that because they present a kind of frame for enjoying a picture, they hold just as much potential.

I believe that it's our mission at Sony Design to keep developing this potential, and the X Series/XBR Series is proof of that.

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