Feature Design PIIQ & Jienne
Feature Design PIIQ & Jienne

Audio gems full of the qualities women like

Fukamatsu: Jienne is a new headphone series designed with women in mind. Women in Japan tend to respond to things that are cute, pretty, "kawaii" or trendy, but of course, every woman has her own tastes. And because our style and mode of behavior may depend on how we feel that day, where we're going, or whom we're with, our tastes may defy classification. Somehow, through design, I wanted to satisfy women with a range of tastes and an acquisitiveness that should sometimes be indulged.

?The approach I chose was "layered" design. It's helpful to mention that Japanese women tend to express themselves through just the right combination of clothes and accessories, worn just the right way. We also enjoy coordinating layers of clothing, rings, and so on. This observation led me to layer materials and colors of different kinds until I had a collection of cuteness in the two current Jienne earbud styles-Chic and Pop.

Jienne Chic may remind you of craftsmanship with a delicate touch, as for jewelry or lace. The ring on top is encircled by zirconia or faceted like cut crystal. Here, I wanted to capture some of the sparkling glamour women enjoy in jewelry and cosmetics.

Jienne Pop was inspired by the feeling of happiness and contentment sweets give us. Scrumptious layer cake delights many women, for example, and it even looks delightful. In Jienne Pop, we squeeze together slices of cute, vivid colors into little orbs, coated with a glossy finish. They look like candy.

Pick them up and look closely, and you'll see that each color has a slightly different finish, which also makes these design themes enticing. Cord colors match each earbud, of course, but you'll also notice matching patterns on the cord slider and plug: gemstone facets and diamond shapes on Chic and hearts on Pop. These details invite you to pick the earbuds up for a closer look. I hope the Jienne series will hold a special place in the hearts of girls and women as favorite accessories.

This finish line is our point of departure

Yuyama: As you can see, the broad Jienne spectrum doesn't include any traditional Sony colors. It's easy to understand why-the earbuds wouldn't look right in those colors. Jienne Chic, for example, calls to mind jewelry, so we never planned to introduce colors that would seem out of place in jewelry. Jienne Pop recalls candy, so we avoided intense, edgy colors.

Both Chic and Pop come in 12 colors, and it's part of the fun to choose your favorite. We know how a lot of women probably enjoy jewelry. Instead of buying one expensive piece to wear every day, they carefully acquire a collection of affordable pieces over time, and they enjoy choosing the right piece for their mood. We wanted to bring this casual fashion fun to headphones.

The packaging also had to be just right. For headphones in this price range, we rarely have a chance to reach people through TV commercials or magazine ads. Packaging is therefore a crucial point of contact with consumers, and we can showcase design. Jienne Chic packaging is faceted like gemstones to catch the light and look luxurious. Unique and cute Jienne Pop packaging enfolds the buds in a carefully crafted bouquet.

PIIQ and Jienne have just been introduced. Above all, we think it's your emotions that headphones should amplify, so style was as important to us as sound quality. The launch was not the end of our design work-it brings us to a new starting line.

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