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Project Stories

Introducing the stories of Sony's brand projects launched with
the aim of creating new forms of entertainment and culture
through the fusion of art and technology

#01 The power of sound is within you MOTION SONIC PROJECT

Sound flows throughout your body
with wonderful sensations
like nothing you've felt before.

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Our aim is "Complete synchronization of physical sensation with sound."
Starting with worldwide performer,
s**t kingz, we are collaborating with variety of professionals
such as Karate Fighter, Bodybuilder, and Ballerina
with our experimental devices to challenge the creation of new musical expression.
Our latest experiments and experience-making
scenes are now available for viewing at the project website.


Rethink your reality.
Get lost in music.

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Join us on a journey to the edge of reality as we bring together the hottest Sony Music acts with groundbreaking PlayStation® VR technology to create unforgettable new musical experiences.


Sony will take part in SXSW 2017
(South by Southwest),
the world's largest creative business festival,
to be held in mid-March in Austin, Texas.

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Interactive Showcase entitled "The WOW Factory", will feature technology and themes currently in the developmental phase, as well as collaboration with other companies.


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