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Quality and Services

Responsiveness and Customer Service

In addition to continuously improving product quality, Sony is taking various steps to improve its responsiveness and its customer service capabilities, in line with its commitment—set forth in the Sony Pledge of Quality—to "respect our customers' viewpoints in striving to deliver product quality and customer service that exceed their expectations." In customer service, this includes responding to changing customer needs, and in repair services, building a structure for providing the best possible repair service quality.


(Updated on August 12, 2013)

Sony has assigned CS Officers to coordinate customer support operations in markets around the world where its products are sold, in cooperation with the Corporate Executive in charge of Product Quality and Safety and regional headquarters. It has also introduced a set of common worldwide KPIs and targets for its network of service bases with the aim of enhancing the quality of its services on a global level, through which it provides services tailored to the needs of local customers.

Training for Customer Support Staff

(Updated on August 12, 2013)

With the aim of providing high-quality services to customers around the world, Sony provides ongoing training for employees and the staff of service partners. In addition to focusing on the acquisition of new service technologies and the sharing of solutions to ensure issues are swiftly and effectively addressed, staff are trained to help customers get the greatest enjoyment possible from their Sony products.

Customer Information Centers and Customer Service Improvements

(Updated on August 12, 2013)

Sony established its first Customer Information Center in 1963 in Japan to respond to customer inquiries. Today, Sony has Customer Information Centers worldwide, enabling it to provide prompt responses to customer needs that reflect customers' perspectives, thereby helping Sony to enhance the quality of its customer service.
Sony utilizes the Internet extensively to communicate with its customers. As well as websites that provide downloads of instruction manuals and software updates along with customer service information, Sony offers websites featuring frequently asked questions (FAQs) and detailed product troubleshooting guides. These websites give customers access to timely and easy-to-understand product and customer service-related information.
In certain regions, Sony also provides customer support via such means as live Internet chat sessions, support using social networking service (SNS) platforms and online forums through which customers can share information to find solutions to issues. In each region, Sony tailors its support to meet the diversifying needs of its customers, as it constantly strives to raise the level of customer satisfaction.
Number of Inquiries Received from Customers (Fiscal Year 2012)
Number of Inquiries Received
(Telephone, E-mail, Chat, Letter)
Japan 2,908
North America 3,095
Europe 1,698
China (mainland) and Hong Kong 1,898
Pan-Asia* 3,121
Latin America 1,686

Coverage area: Taiwan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and Oceania

Initiatives Aimed at Maximizing Customers' Enjoyment of Sony Products

Sony provides information via the Internet aimed at maximizing customers' enjoyment of Sony products.

Through the "Entertainment Lifestyle Guide" website, Sony introduces new functions made possible by using multiple Sony products in combination.
The site uses photographs, text and video content to help customers gain an intuitive understanding of the best situations in which to use convenient product functions in their daily lives, and site users can enjoy video and audio of suggested usage scenes. Sony is committed to taking on board feedback from customers as it strives to provide the most user-friendly information possible.

Repair and Service Network

(Updated on August 12, 2013)

Currently, there are more than 5,300 Sony customer service locations worldwide, including Sony customer service stations and those of authorized repair agents.

To enhance customer satisfaction, Sony is working to meet customer needs through such measures as reducing the number of days required for repairs, overhauling its repair pricing system and providing collection services for repair items. In new product categories, such as mobile devices, Sony is reinforcing its customer services and building systems that will enable its service network to respond to customer needs in line with the "One Sony" concept. By strengthening the feedback mechanism for product quality based on repair information, Sony also aims to further enhance quality.

Sony Service Locations (Fiscal Year 2012)
Service Network
(Number of Service Locations)
Japan 348
North America 964
Europe 1,365
China (mainland) and Hong Kong 652
Pan-Asia* 1,530
Latin America 523

Coverage area: Taiwan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and Oceania

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