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Updated on August 21, 2015

Developing Environmentally Conscious Products

The Sony Group's mid-term targets include targets for products, which involve the reduction of annual power consumption, the promotion of resource conservation and the management of chemical substances. Business units formulate annual targets that are consistent with environmental mid-term targets and reflect the unique characteristics of each product category, and regularly review progress toward achieving these targets, subsequently reporting their findings to the department in charge of environmental functions at Sony's headquarters. In turn, the environmental functions at the headquarters evaluate the targets and progress of each business unit, using these evaluations as the basis for its review of the Sony Group's progress toward achieving its environmental mid-term targets. Based on the results of this review, Sony determines areas of focus and revises targets for the subsequent fiscal year. By thus setting specific targets and conducting environmental assessments for all products, Sony is stepping up efforts to develop environmentally conscious products.
  • Management Structure for Eco-Conscious Product Development
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