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Updated on August 21, 2015

Progress Toward Achieving Mid-Term Targets for Logistics

In its Green Management 2015 Mid-Term Environmental Targets, Sony has set the following targets for its sites. In its efforts to achieve the targets, Sony has been striving to reduce CO2 emissions generated from transport and packaging materials by means of optimization of transport efficiency (i.e., downsizing of product packages, improving loading efficiency and optimizing parts packages) and switching to alternative transport modes which can reduce environmental impact (i.e. modal shift and joint shipping), as well as by reduction of gross transport weight through weight reduction of each product.
Targets of "Green Management 2015" for Logistics
Climate Change Reduce CO2 emissions from logistics by 14% from the fiscal year 2008 level
Resources Reduce waste from packaging for incoming parts by 16% from the fiscal year 2008 level

CO2 Emissions from Transport of Finished Products in Fiscal Year 2014

  • CO2 Emissions from Product Transportation
In fiscal year 2014, CO2 emissions from logistics totaled approximately 163,000 tons, 62% lower than in fiscal year 2008 and approximately 26% lower than in fiscal year 2013. Sony keeps working towards further reduction of CO2 emissions by measures such as downsizing and weight reduction of products and packages and also modal shift.

Since fiscal year 2008, the base year of our mid-term environmental targets, Sony has been taking steps to expand the calculation scope of CO2 emissions from logistics, and Sony's current scope covers more than 40 countries and territories such as Japan, the United States, Europe and Asia. As for those countries/territories which came into scope after fiscal year 2008, we have been promoting CO2 emissions reduction with targets set in line with the overall mid-term target, based on the year when the first data was captured. Owing to the addition of several countries and territories to the calculation scope, CO2 emissions from logistics in fiscal year 2014 amounted to approximately 333,000 tons.
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