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Environmental Communication

Sony provides a wide variety of stakeholders with environmental information in an accurate, timely and continuous manner. Sony also holds events and participates in exhibitions with environmental themes and actively promotes environmental education with the aim of encouraging greater general awareness of environmental issues.

Management of Risks Related to Chemical Substances

(Updated on August 22, 2014)

As a company that uses chemical substances, Sony discloses information on emissions of such substances and exchanges views on safety and environment issues with residents in the vicinity of its sites, as well as with local authorities, with the aim of reinforcing mutual understanding. For example, in its efforts to promote such communication, Sony Semiconductor Corporation holds presentations at all of its sites and events tailored to local needs. Sony Semiconductor also offers tours of its sites which enable visitors to see various environment-related facilities. During these tours, visitors can learn about the current status of wastewater treatment, for instance.

Raising the Environmental Awareness of Employees

(Updated on August 22, 2014)

Sony shares information on environmental issues with employees of the global Sony Group via a dedicated environmental website. Environmental education via e-learning is mandatory for all Group employees in Japan. E-learning has also been introduced at overseas sites.

Sony stages exhibitions and events introducing Group environmental initiatives for employees at Group sites across Japan. Sony Corporation holds a regular Environmental Management Meeting, which is attended by top management, including Sony's president, and enables Sony executives to share information about environmental issues of importance to the entire Sony Group.

Environmental Initiatives in the Office

Sony Electronics Inc., in the United States, has introduced an in-house environmental program called Green Workspace Certification. Under this program, employees are evaluated based on their diligence in performing everyday environmentally conscious actions in the office-such as unplugging ones PCs when its not in use-and their performance are rated, in ascending order, as Seed, Leaf, Tree or Forest. The Green Workspace status of each employee is indicated on a nameplate on the side of his or her desk with the aim of reinforcing awareness and encouraging ongoing efforts to improve. Sony Electronics plants 50 trees in the name of each employee who earns Tree status.

Nameplate indicating employees' Green Workspace status

Environmental Awareness by Use of Entertainment

(Updated on August 22, 2014)

Sony delivers environmental messages through its entertainment media, especially in the marketing of films. In March 2014, Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. (SPE) joined with Earth Hour, a global movement organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). SPE movie character Spider-Man was named the first Super Hero ambassador for Earth Hour, launching the signature "lights off" event with Earth Hour Global and WWF in Singapore and spreading the message of environmental protection around the world.
Click here for Sony and the Environment, which features detailed information on environmental initiatives.

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