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Updated on August 21, 2015

Environmental Communication

Sony provides a wide variety of stakeholders with environmental information in an accurate, timely and continuous manner. Sony also holds events and participates in exhibitions with environmental themes and actively promotes environmental education with the aim of encouraging greater general awareness of environmental issues.

Management of Risks Related to Chemical Substances

As a company that uses chemical substances, Sony discloses information on emissions of such substances and exchanges views on safety and environmental issues with residents in the vicinity of its sites, as well as with local authorities, with the aim of reinforcing mutual understanding. For instance, Sony Semiconductor Corporation actively participates in local community events and organizes its own interactive events at all of its in-plant. The company also holds tours of its manufacturing plants, during which it explains to visitors how wastewater is processed by environmental-related equipment.

Raising the Environmental Awareness of Employees

Sony shares information on environmental issues with employees of the global Sony Group via a dedicated environmental website. Environmental education via e-learning is mandatory for all Group employees in Japan and has also been introduced at overseas sites. In addition, Sony presents its environmental initiatives to employees at exhibitions and events held at sites across Japan. In addition, the president and other executives share information on environmental issues of importance to the Sony Group in regularly held executive meetings.

Center Stage: Living Green, An Engagement Initiative That Unites Employees and Artists in a Green Ethos

  • Logo of Center Stage: Living Green
Center Stage: Living Green is an employee communication campaign that celebrates members of the Sony Music family who take steps to live a greener lifestyle. Topics have included participating in meatless Mondays,* growing vegetables and raising backyard chickens, and reducing water consumption. In March 2015, the campaign recognized Global Citizen Earth Day 2015, highlighting the participation of Sony Music Entertainment artists Usher and Train, and challenged employees to join Sony Global Volunteer Day. Living Green will continue to encourage eco-conscious colleagues and artists alike to share their stories, promote achievable lifestyle choices, and foster a community of Green Living.

Meatless Monday is an environmental initiative that encourages people to refrain from eating meat once per week. It arose in response to increased consumption of meat around the world in recent years, which has led to a number of problems including environmental destruction resulting from the cultivation of livestock feed and the release of the greenhouse gas methane from cattle, sheep, and other livestock.

Taking Advantage of Sony Events to Raise Environmental Awareness

  • Professional golfers participating in the tournament did their part to help recycling.
In January 2015 at the Sony Open in Hawaii, a PGA Tour golf tournament held on the island of Oahu, Sony carried out an environmental initiative together with golf fans in the gallery and local residents. At the course where the tournament was held, Sony worked with a local NGO and student volunteers to set up 272 recycling boxes to collect used consumer electronic products. Sony also installed its own booth at the course, where it showcased its environmental initiatives and demonstrated an energy storage system using solar panels and a Sony electricity storage module.

Meanwhile, all Sony Group companies in Latin America have been carrying out a program for recycling consumer electronic products called "Live the Change." As part of the program, they collaborated with municipal governments, NGOs, and expert associations to stage events aimed at raising awareness of the importance of recycling. Famous musicians from the region who are signed with Sony Music Entertainment helped to support the recycling program, helping to raise its profile and more quickly spread Sony's environmental message.
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