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Improving the global awareness of employees in Japan

(Updated on August 12, 2013)
Sony Corporation has various programs that aim to provide employees with overseas experience as they prepare to work on the international stage. Such initiatives include study abroad programs that enable employees to learn about cutting-edge technology at overseas universities and research institutions and opportunities to study for an MBA, thereby expanding participants' level of knowledge as an engineer. Sony is currently expanding its study abroad programs, in terms of host institutions and range of objectives.

To bolster English-language communication skills, Sony recently established an English training program targeted particularly at younger employees. Sony also provides diverse learning opportunities to enable employees to study languages based on their individual level and needs. Sony actively supports employees in their individual efforts for personal growth and learning. In fiscal year 2012, approximately 2,150 employees utilized these programs to improve their English-language capabilities. Sony has a growing number of language training programs and participants for languages apart from English, including Chinese.

Similarly, at Group companies in Japan, employees participate in a variety of programs such as "Self-Improvement," "School Attendance Support" and "In-House TOEIC®."

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