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Updated on August 21, 2015

Measures for Enabling Employees to Extend Their Experience and Career Globally

Sony Corporation operates a wide variety of programs to enable employees to gain experience overseas in preparation for careers on the global stage. These include overseas study programs aimed at engineers wishing to expand their knowledge through research of cutting-edge technologies at overseas universities and research institutions, and the Global Job Postings program under which employees can apply for transfer to an overseas site for career development.
  • Scheme for Young Employees to Acquire Overseas Experience (examples)
To bolster English-language communication skills, Sony offers English training programs especially for younger employees. Sony also provides diverse learning opportunities to enable employees to study languages based on their individual level and needs. Sony actively supports employees in their individual efforts toward personal growth and learning. In fiscal year 2014, approximately 1,000 employees utilized these programs to improve their English-language capabilities. Sony has a growing number of language training programs and is seeing more participants studying languages other than English, such as Chinese. Similarly, at Group companies in Japan, employees participate in a variety of programs such as "Self-Improvement," "School Attendance Support" and "In-House TOEIC®."
Main Measures in the Sony Group in Each Country and Region
"MUSHA" program
Sony Global Solutions, Inc., runs the "MUSHA" program as a one-year transfer assignment for young employees in the information systems field. Participants work at sales subsidiaries in emerging economies which are positioned as particularly important within Sony's sales and marketing strategy. In fiscal year 2014, three employees took part, undertaking assignments in Thailand, UAE and Russia, respectively. The participants worked as local staff, receiving supervision from local managers while contributing to sales and marketing business operations. Through this program, Sony aims not only to nurture IT solutions capabilities but also to cultivate human resources capable of understanding the operations of sales subsidiaries, thereby supporting the realization of Sony's business strategy.
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