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Development and recruitment of core human resources capable of excelling globally

(Updated on August 12, 2014)
  • Participants in a Sony University program

  • Participants in a Sony University program

Established in 2000 to promote cross-border and cross-business cultivation of global business leaders, Sony University, in Tokyo's Shinagawa district, offers short- and long-term development programs that address this task from the perspectives of the Sony spirit, business vision, management decision-making capabilities and networking.

For instance, potential business leaders from around the world participated in a four-month program that promoted friendly rivalry. In Japan, Sony also strives to foster future business leaders, offering a 10-month module for prospective core leaders, as well as a program for more junior employees identified as possible future management, both promoting active interaction and mutual learning. In 2012, Sony established a branch of Sony University in Singapore to provide trainings aimed at fostering future business leaders by equipping them with critical skills, thus establishing a global structure for developing business leaders in various training stages around the world. Sony offers a variety of distinctive training programs in countries and regions around the world that capitalize on the unique aspects of its various businesses.

Sony Group Global Leadership Programs Around the World
Global Leadership Development Program
The logistics division of Sony Corporation runs the Global Leader Development Program (GLDP) for personnel at manager level who have the potential to become future global leaders of the business. Participants come from domestic Group company, Sony Supply Chain Solutions, Inc., overseas subsidiaries and the logistics departments of overseas sales subsidiaries within the Sony Group. In fiscal year 2014, 15 individuals from eight countries (including eight women) took part in the program. Participants aim to broaden their perspectives based on an understanding of the business environment over the past several years, and through workshops and simulation exercises, build a personal network within the logistics function while seeking their own leadership style. In addition, in the SCM Academy, participants simultaneously acquire knowledge and theory necessary for supply chain management.
Global Leadership Development Program
A program to develop the next generation of leaders in the information systems field was held at the Sony University Singapore Campus. The 17 participants were drawn from seven countries. Through group discussions and exercises, and a roundtable talk with the Chief Information Officer (CIO), the program aimed to improve leadership capable of responding to a diverse range of changes driven by an acceleration in globalization. The program also served as a venue for building broad personal networks among leaders across national and regional boundaries.
Pictures Decoding Digital Program
As evidenced by the increasingly diverse ways to view movie content and the global growth of its operations, Sony's Pictures business is changing rapidly. In this environment, Sony is implementing a program aimed at fostering insight and innovation with the goal of proposing new ways to have fun that maximize the distinctive capabilities of its Pictures business. More than one-third of employees in the Pictures business worldwide are participating in the program, which is benefiting from the involvement of individuals of various nationalities, ages and departments. Sony executives are playing a key role, collaborating across organizational lines to formulate and implement the program and serving as role models, thus transforming it into an opportunity to cultivate human resources worldwide, as well as to foster global business leaders.
Since fiscal year 2008, Sony has appointed Global Talent Directors from among its regional human resource managers. Global Talent Directors are charged with identifying promising individuals in all businesses and all regions with the aim of fostering such individuals as future business leaders through worldwide job rotations.

Thanks to this effort, approximately 100 Sony employees, primarily management-level and mid-tier executives, have successfully been rotated through a schedule of job assignments to date.
Since 2011, Sony has begun debating the idea of linking its job rotation program with other initiatives aimed at fostering employees to create a more integrated, comprehensive global program.
  • Basic Philosophy behind Rotation Project

Examples of Activities for Appointing Global Business Leaders Around the World
(Latin America)
With the aim of reinforcing efforts to foster future regional business leaders, in fiscal year 2010 Sony in Latin America introduced the Positioning for Success program, a job rotation initiative that encompasses key positions in the region, as well as cross-border assignments arranged by global talent directors. Sony in Latin America also participated actively in the succession program.
(Asia Pacific)
This core human resource recruitment program operates in tandem with each Group company in the Asia Pacific region to recruit and foster future regional business leaders. Multinational job rotation is implemented for business leaders and young talent.
The president of Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc. took the lead in initiating and is implementing a job rotation program aimed at developing core human resources.

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