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Expenditures for Community Engagement Initiatives in Fiscal Year 2012

(Updated on August 12, 2013)

In fiscal year 2012, the Sony Group spent approximately 3.3 billion yen* on community engagement initiatives. These initiatives focused on education, particularly science education.

  • *
    Cumulative figure. In addition to donations, sponsorships and independent program expenses (including facility operation expenses), this amount includes the market prices of products donated.

  • Community Activity Expenditures by Field  (Fiscal Year 2011) Education support: 45% Disaster relief:

  • Community Activity Expenditures by Region  (Fiscal Year 2011) Japan: 45% North America: 24% Pan-Asia

  • Community Activity Expenditures by Category ( Fiscal Year 2011)  Program expenses: 66% Monetary dona

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