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Sony is committed to pursuing sustainable business practices while working to realize a better future for society. Sony also undertakes community engagement activities in fields where it is best able to do so to help address the needs of the communities.
In fiscal year 2014, the Sony Group spent approximately 3.2 billion yen on community engagement initiatives. These initiatives focused on education, particularly science education. Expenses for programs undertaken by Sony—which leverage Sony's particular strengths—accounted for 67% of this expenditure. Taking into account issues of concern to external stakeholders, Sony undertakes a broad range of programs that aim to address social and environmental issues that represent risks or opportunities for Sony. Dream Goal
An example of these activities is Dream Goal, a social contribution initiative that utilizes the power of soccer, one of the world's most popular sports. Since launching Dream Goal in 2009, Sony has been making the most of its products, technologies and services along with the skills of its employees to make this initiative a success.

As part of Dream Goal, Sony initiated its Street Football Stadium project in fiscal 2014. Under the project, Sony donated 25 pop-up stadiums, to seven countries in Central and South America. Sony also held a contest to give people worldwide an opportunity to support the program by creating illustrations for the stadium walls. About 3,500 illustrations were submitted from around the world, and the contest garnered over 1.1 million votes. Also under the project, Sony supports workshops designed to help children understand social issues, including poverty and gender, in the countries where the stadiums were donated, such as Brazil. To date, about 40,000 children have participated in the workshops.
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