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Sony is committed to pursuing sustainable business practices while working to realize a better future for society. Sony also undertakes community engagement activities in fields where it is best able to do so to help address the needs of the communities.

Vision of Sony's Founder

In Sony's Founding Prospectus, co-founder, Masaru Ibuka, set "the promotion of education in science among the general public." as a primary goal.

Community Engagement Policy, Main Scope and Structure

Sony contributes in a manner that capitalizes on its unique capabilities with the Sony Group's community engagement policy.

Project List

Sony’s community engagement activities.

Expenditures for Community Engagement Initiatives in Fiscal Year 2012

In fiscal year 2012, the Sony Group spent approximately 3.3 billion yen on community engagement initiatives.

Participation by Sony Employees

Sony promotes a variety of activities in the community that capitalize on the capabilities of its employees.

Contributing to the International Community through Business Activities

Sony is particularly aware that emerging economies face significant development challenges and is exploring new business approaches to address such problems and contribute to the international community.

Sony Museums and Foundations

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