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Educating Employees about the Sony Group Code of Conduct and the Internal Hotline System

(Updated on August 12, 2014)
To ensure that all employees understand the importance of the Sony Group Code of Conduct, as well as to promote use of the internal hotline system, Sony Group senior management informs executives and employees about these topics through ongoing dissemination of e-mails, as well as implementation of online and class room training. Further, Sony Group executives and senior management with a certain level of authority are annually requested to submit a certification stating that they understand that all personnel must comply with applicable laws, regulations and internal policies and the need, in their role as managers, to communicate the importance of acting ethically and compliance with applicable laws, regulations and internal policies. Sony Group companies inform their employees about the Code and the internal hotline system on an ongoing basis through the dissemination of e-mails, booklets, wallet cards, posters, feature articles in internal newsletters, and/or postings on the company's intranet.

In addition to these initiatives, the Sony Group provides education and training sessions that use e-learning and other approaches presenting real-life examples to impart more in-depth expertise regarding business ethics and individual aspects of the Sony Group Code of Conduct that are crucial to compliance by the Sony Group. These include fairness in competition and business dealings, anti-bribery, and the prevention of discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Sony has adopted a compliance education protocol that sets forth minimum mandatory global communications and training requirements in a wide range of compliance areas. Through ongoing communication, awareness and training efforts, Sony will continue to promote a thorough Group-wide understanding of the importance of the policies and values set forth in the Sony Group Code of Conduct.

  • Booklets, wallet cards, posters and training videos used to raise awareness of the Sony Group Code of Conduct and the internal hotline system

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