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Internal Hotline System

(Updated on August 12, 2014)
Following the adoption of the Sony Group Code of Conduct, Sony also established a Sony Group compliance hotline system as a resource for employees to report concerns or seek guidance about possible violations of laws or internal policies, and to allow the Sony Group to respond swiftly to potential risks of such possible violations.

The Sony Group compliance hotline system is available worldwide. It is operated independently from the ordinary line of command under the supervision of the Corporate Executive Officer in charge of Compliance and the Senior Legal Counsel, Sony Group, and callers who report issues in good faith are protected from any possibility of retaliation for the report. Summaries of hotline calls, results of investigations, and updates on the operation of the system are reported to senior management and the Audit Committee.

During fiscal 2013, the Sony Group received approximately 420 hotline contacts covering issues primarily relating to employment, labor, work environment, information management and possible conflicts of interest. All contacts received are investigated for the purpose of verification and appropriate action. In certain cases, these contacts have led to a review of internal procedures and the strengthening or enforcement of internal rules.

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