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Updated on August 21, 2015

Reporting Ethical Concerns

The company's group-wide ethics and compliance hotline system, the Sony Ethics & Compliance Hotline, is a confidential resource for employees to report concerns or seek guidance about possible violations of laws or internal policies, allowing Sony to respond swiftly to any potential violations.

The Hotline is available to all Sony Group personnel, worldwide, at all times, day or night, via the telephone (toll-free) or via the web. Reports to the Hotline are administered by an independent third party that provides specially trained operators with broad language capabilities. Anyone who reports issues in good faith is protected from retaliation for making the report.

Summaries of hotline reports, results of investigations and updates on the operation of the system are provided periodically to senior management and the Audit Committee.

During fiscal year 2014, the Hotline received approximately 290 reports covering issues primarily relating to employment, labor, work environment, information management and possible conflicts of interest. All reports received are promptly investigated for purposes of verification and appropriate action by Sony compliance personnel, who are supervised by the Corporate Executive in charge of Compliance and the Senior Legal Counsel, Sony Group. We take appropriate disciplinary and/or remedial action when warranted. Any confirmed violations of Sony policies and procedures result in corrective actions such as training, strengthening routines, disciplinary actions and simplifying or updating processes and controls.
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