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Ethics and Compliance

Sony has a strong and well-established commitment to ethical business conduct and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Our leadership strives continually to demonstrate this commitment by leading through example. The company has also established a Global Compliance Network. The Global Compliance Network is comprised of compliance personnel from around the world who implement Sony's commitment to ethics and compliance, through a mix of messaging, policies, training and auditing.

The Sony Group Code of Conduct anchors the compliance program and provides a statement of our core values and general guidance on key subjects and risk areas. We openly and repeatedly encourage our personnel to raise ethics concerns and ask about the best course of action, and we protect against retaliation for good faith reports of wrongdoing. We have many resources and reporting channels available to help personnel answer ethics questions or raise concerns, including the Sony Ethics & Compliance Hotline ("Hotline"). The Hotline operates independently of ordinary internal reporting structures. Reports to the Hotline are administered by an independent third party, are handled confidentially, and may be anonymous to the extent allowed by local law.
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