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CSR at Sony

CSR at Sony

(Updated on August 12, 2013)

"It is the core corporate responsibility of Sony Group to the society to pursue its corporate value enhancement through innovation and sound business practice."
(Sony Group Code of Conduct, adopted in May 2003)
Sony's corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities reflect its philosophy of implementing sound business practices; innovating to realize products, services and content that inspire and excite; assisting the communities in which we operate; and helping to shape a better, more sustainable society. Sony believes that these activities both benefit society and enhance corporate value.

Society's expectations of Sony constantly evolve in line with the diversification of markets and customer lifestyles, advances in Sony products and services, and the changing concerns of the Company's stakeholders. As the Sony Group presses forward with strategies aimed at strengthening its operating foundation and achieving its business targets, it will also continue to promote bold initiatives, including in its CSR agenda.
Key CSR Agenda of the Sony Group

Relations with Stakeholders

(Updated on August 12, 2013)

Sony understands that addressing issues of interest to its many stakeholders is intrinsically linked to its ability to ensure a strong operating foundation, which is in turn vital to ensuring the well-being and sustainability of its business activities and to achieving sustainable growth. Sony's CSR initiatives reflect this understanding. Sony works to earn the trust of its stakeholders through its business activities, as well as through a range of CSR initiatives.

Stakeholders Principal Goals Page to Visit
  • Provide products that deliver satisfaction, safety and peace of mind from the customer's perspective
  • Provide customer service that further enhances customer satisfaction
  • Enhance usability and accessibility
Quality and Services
  • Promote swift and appropriate disclosure
  • Achieve continued growth in corporate value
Investor Relations
Business partners
  • Ensure appropriate, transparent and fair procurement practices, in line with the Sony Group Code of Conduct
  • Ensure that procurement practices are in harmony with the environment and society (including labor issues, human rights and conflict minerals)
Responsible Sourcing
  • Support employees with diverse backgrounds
  • Promote diversity in hiring
  • Foster global business leaders and engineers who will drive growth in the future
  • Support individual career-building efforts)
  • Promote dialogue through employee surveys and town hall meetings
Human Resources
Local communities
  • Promote initiatives that contribute to communities in fields where Sony is best able to do so
  • Provide emergency relief
  • Work with NGOs and NPOs to help resolve issues facing society
Community Engagement
Global environment
  • Reduce the environmental footprint of Sony's business activities and products throughout their life cycle to zero
 - Reduce CO2 emissions of Sony's business activities and products throughout their life cycle to zero
 - Reduce the volume of virgin resources used and maximize the use of recycled resources; conserve water resources; and promote the collection and recycling of end-of-life products
 - Prevent pollution by reducing the volume of chemical substances used
 - Promote the conservation and restoration of biodiversity and the sustained use of biodiversity-friendly products
NGOs, NPOs and other organizations
  • Collaborate with NGOs and NPOs to help address social challenges
  • Participate in global frameworks
  • Participate in CSR-related organizations and projects
Community Engagement
Partnership and Participation in frameworks

CSR Organizational Structure

(Updated on August 12, 2013)

Sony has established an office for CSR that is responsible for formulating policies concerning Sony's social responsibilities, implementing these policies throughout the Group and communicating with third parties through, among others, the sharing of information.

CSR department also handles CSR-related disclosure, promotes dialogue with stakeholders, ensures feedback reaches management and any pertinent Sony department (e.g., legal, compliance, environment, product quality, procurement, human resources, marketing) as well as interdepartmental meetings, and is incorporated into management's actions. The relevant departments promote CSR activities throughout the Group by ensuring policies and initiatives thus incorporated are conveyed to Group companies.

Raising Awareness

(Updated on August 12, 2013)

Recognizing the importance of raising employee awareness with regard to the effective promotion of CSR, Sony offers a variety of educational programs based on a three-level approach, whereby employees are encouraged first to learn about CSR, second to participate in CSR activities and third to incorporate CSR into their day-to-day work.
CSR training for new employees focuses on instilling know-how and introducing Sony's CSR program. Sony also offers in-person training sessions aimed at management.

(2)CSR Update (Newsletter)
Sony publishes CSR Update, a monthly newsletter for Sony Group employees detailing Sony's principal CSR initiatives and reporting on related awards received from third parties and CSR trends.

(3)CSR Forum
Held after hours and completely voluntary, the CSR Forum provides Sony employees in Japan with the opportunity to increase their knowledge of CSR. This event features lectures by invited experts, film screenings and other activities, and addresses a variety of themes, including emergency relief, the environment, human rights, poverty, international understanding, employment opportunities for the disabled, work–life balance and diversity, base-of-the-pyramid (BOP) businesses and social innovation. Employees of Sony Group companies were able to view the proceedings via streamed video or other media, substantially boosting participation in the event.
(4) Employee Participation
Sony believes that employee participation is crucial to ensuring its community engagement activities are truly meaningful. Accordingly, Sony encourages employees to be aware of social issues, strive constantly to deepen their understanding and then to participate in fundraising initiatives, community projects and/or other activities. Sony also encourages employees to act as instructors for workshops organized for children and students and in other capacities that capitalize on their specialized skills, as well as to participate in Public Viewings and other social contribution initiatives in developing countries.

Employee volunteers Volunteer Systems for Employees
  1. Leave for volunteer purposes
  2. SOMEONE NEEDS YOU (employee volunteer program)

Community > Volunteer Systems for Employees 
<Volunteer initiatives>
  1. Employee volunteer work in areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake
  2. Instructors and staff for Sony Science Program
  3. Cleanup activities and tree-planting
  4. Sony Student Project Abroad (China) host family
  5. School satchels for children in developing countries (inspections, other efforts)
  6. Technical staff for Public Viewing in Tanzania
Fundraising initiative, donation of goods
  1. Matching gift programs

Community > Matching gift programs, fundraising initiatives

<Fundraising initiatives>
  1. Emergency humanitarian assistance

<Donations in kind>
  1. School satchels for developing countries
  2. South Africa Mobile Library Project

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