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Special Report

Introducing noteworthy products and technologies developed through Sony Group environmental initiatives. Selected developer interviews also shed light on these promising innovations.

Towards a zero environmental footprint
Ongoing Innovation in Eco-Conscious Products

Around the world, demand for products designed for better environmental performance is growing. Anticipating and meeting these needs is the goal of a special product development project at Sony. Now, more products inspired by this commitment can be found across all product categories.

Toward industry-leading environmental performance
in products across the board

Xperia™ P smartphones

WhiteMagic display technology slashes energy consumption in Xperia™ P smartphones.

Cyber-shot DSC-HX20/HX30 cameras

Cyber-shot DSC-HX20/HX30 cameras are 60% smaller by volume than previous models.*

VAIO Z notebooks

Rapid Wake + Eco make it easy to save energy simply by closing the lid of VAIO Z notebooks.

Offering industry-leading environmental performance in all product categories is the goal of a noteworthy company-wide product development project at Sony. As you can imagine, this involves quite a range of products, from units that stay plugged in such as TVs to mobile devices such as cameras to products for professional use. Each category presents its own challenges in development, which Sony tackles after members in planning, development, marketing, and other departments discuss and define just what makes products environmentally superior.
As a result, Sony has broken new ground in environmental performance across the board: energy-efficient Xperia™ smartphones, compact and resource-saving Cyber-shot DSC-HX20/HX30 cameras, and products that introduce fresh thinking in saving energy, such as VAIO Z notebooks. Targeting the ultimate goal of a zero environmental footprint as envisioned in the Road to Zero environmental plan, Sony will be picking up the pace in this broad-based project to develop products with unprecedented environmental performance.

Explore all eco-conscious Sony products

Message from Global Sales & Marketing Group
Meeting the world's growing environmental
concerns with Sony eco-ingenuity

Consumers worldwide, including emerging markets, are becoming more sensitive to environmental issues. Being eco-conscious is essential for doing business worldwide, and it is one of the points we need to further integrate into our global marketing strategies.
Many eco-conscious products across key categories have been released to date thanks to this special project. What is notable is that those products use fewer resources or boost energy efficiency while enhancing basic product performance.
In marketing, Sony promotes the economic advantages of those products, such as less energy consumption and long life, as well as the environmental advantages like lower environmental impacts. The coming years will see even greater awareness of environmental issues around the world. In marketing, we will make sure that our environmental efforts behind our products are clearly communicated to consumers. We look forward to the ongoing development of these compelling, environmentally superior products from Sony.

Haruyasu Nagata

Corporate Executive, Senior Vice President
President, Global Sales & Marketing Group
Sony Corporation (At time of interview)

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