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Several industry leading eco-conscious Sony products are showcased here, including examples of product-based initiatives from the four Road to Zero environmental Perspectives.

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Portable Radios

  • ICF-B02

More Peace of Mind with Less Hand-Powered Portable Emergency Radio

An Eco-conscious product useful in emergencies,
the ICF-B02 can be powered by turning a crank.


No batteries? No worries —listen for an hour after a minute of cranking1

The rechargeable NiMH battery built into this manually powered radio (ICF-B02) can be charged once you crank the lever at 120 rpm and the indicator turns green. About a minute of cranking enables about 60 minutes of radio listening or 15 minutes of illumination from the unit's LED lights. The rechargeable battery has a capacity of 700 mAh, so a full charge takes more than an hour of cranking, but you can crank for just as much power as you need. In this way, the hand-powered ICF-B02 not only helps save energy every day, it is reassuring in emergencies.

1 Amount of time for listening through the speaker, after cranking at 120 rpm. Longer listening is possible using earphones.

1 The radio can also be powered by regular batteries instead of cranking. Two AAA alkaline batteries are required (not included).

Incorporates a flashlight that is useful in blackouts, and a gently glowing nightlight

Bright LEDs provide light during power outages

The radio houses two lights, offering either the focused beam of a flashlight or the gentle glow of a nightlight. Before LED lights were invented, emergency radios relied on relatively inefficient miniature incandescent bulbs, which required much more cranking for a brief period of illumination. The advent of LEDs enabled a bright, energy-efficient light source.

Also powers mobile phones

The radio includes a charging adapter compatible with many mobile phones. Use the charging adapter to connect your phone to the radio when no source of power is available (in emergencies or during blackouts), and turn the crank to charge your phone. Even during extended blackouts, manual recharging enables you to use your phone. The radio's splash resistance is also reassuring, in case of light rain.

Some phones not supported.


Portable Hand-Powered FM/AM Radio


Available in orange, white, or silver. In appearance, resembles a typical radio when the handle is stored inside. Can also be powered by regular batteries. In addition to a carrying pouch and hand strap, includes a whistle for emergencies.

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