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Several industry leading eco-conscious Sony products are showcased here, including examples of product-based initiatives from the four Road to Zero environmental Perspectives.

HD Video Camcorders

More Performance with Less Handycam® HDR-PJ40V

Handycam®s capture memories in pristine quality, and this model offers
both high performance and ample battery life through eco-conscious technologies.

New BIONZ: Performance, image quality, and class-leading efficiency

The speedy and energy efficient BIONZ image processing engine at the heart of Handycam® camcorders delivers high-performance processing and superb image quality as it converts image sensor signals into finished images. Besides enhancing natural color reproduction and reducing noise at high ISO speeds, the image processor benefits home moviemaking in many ways, through high-precision autofocus, auto exposure, white balance control, and dynamic range optimization, ensuring the best exposure and gradation for the scene. In the highly integrated circuitry of the new BIONZ processor in Handycam® camcorders, Sony engineers have succeeded in combining and optimizing functions that were previously separate. An advantage of this is 10% lower power consumption* in a camcorder that leads its class in energy efficiency.

*Compared to HDR-CX350V

Saving energy through fine-tuned LCD backlight brightness

Backlight brightness is now controlled automatically by analyzing the brightness of images displayed. Energy consumption is reduced while ensuring that images on the screen are clear in a variety of viewing conditions. LCD backlighting now consumes 20% less energy on average.* Images on the large Handycam® LCD screen are as vibrant as ever.

*Compared to HDR-CX350V

Recycled plastic in two parts

Using recycled plastic in products helps us reduce consumption of new materials. In PJ-series camcorders, two parts around the inputs and outputs are made with recycled plastic. This material is produced from a combination of scrap plastic including optical sheets from LCD TV manufacturing, and it can now be used in small, thin parts such as these while retaining structural rigidity. The successful trial in this camcorder has paved the way for future expansion of recycled plastic in a variety of mobile devices.


Digital HD Camcorder


Includes a built-in projector for watching movies on the spot, after shooting. Enjoy a convenient, entertaining“mobile theater” experience by projecting images on walls or other surfaces instead of watching on the Handycam® LCD screen. The camcorder's ample speakers make it more immersive. Other features of this thoroughly enhanced, all-in-one Handycam® include optical image stabilization and superior surround-sound audio recording.

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