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Several industry leading eco-conscious Sony products are showcased here, including examples of product-based initiatives from the four Road to Zero environmental Perspectives.

Green Partner System

Careful environmental management is also required of Sony parts and materials suppliers. Our Green Partner Standards specify requirements in chemical substance management, and we conduct thorough audits covering matters from environmental quality of parts to our suppliers' environmental management system as a whole. Suppliers who pass these audits are certified as Green Partners, and together, we also build cooperative relationships from the standpoint of environmental matters.

Strict chemical substance
management with Green Partners

Electronic products contain hundreds or thousands of parts made with a range of chemical substances, some of which may be environmentally hazardous. If these substances are not processed correctly during disposal, environmental pollution may occur. In 2002 Sony introduced the Green Partner Environmental Quality Approval Program, which establishes strict management standards. Working with thousands of our Green Partners worldwide, we promote careful management of each chemical substance in use.

*1 Companies that manufacture OEM (original equipment manufacturer) products on behalf of Sony
*2 For direct suppliers, the Green Book was made available via its electric procurement system i autumn 2003

Resource and energy conservation

Chemical substance management is not the only requirement for Sony parts. When parts are manufactured using less resources and energy, it contributes to better overall environmental quality of Sony products. Promoting more efficient use of resources and energy consumed in part production is another way that Sony is working with Green Partners to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts.

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