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WWF Climate Savers Program

Sony is actively engaged in a committed effort to prevent global warming. As part of this effort, Sony joined Climate Savers in July 2006, and has been working toward the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as well as strengthened communications with stakeholders. An overview of the Climate Savers program and Sony's activities are introduced here.

About Climate Savers
Sony joined Climate Savers in July 2006.
The Sony Commitment
In the course of joining Climate Savers, Sony consulted with the WWF on a number of occasions about setting target values and related matters. Ultimately, the following four major objectives were defined.
Signing On with Climate Savers
On July 25, 2006, Sony signed an agreement regarding the Climate Savers program.
Sony Building Environmental Event: Now is Your Time to Work Toward 2008
Sony provided WWF Japan the use of Sony Square on the first floor of the Sony Building in Ginza, Tokyo. An environmental event to encourage people to think about preventing global warming was held there over the two-week period from February 12 to 25, 2007.
Media Weather Broadcasters Address Climate Change Issues
The British Embassy and WWF Japan jointly organized an international seminar titled "Media Weather Broadcasters Address Climate Change Issues."Sony provided support for the operation of this event in the form of sponsorship.
Climate Savers Hold Tokyo Summit 2008
Sony and the WWF jointly held the Climate Savers Tokyo Summit 2008 in the second floor auditorium at the Sony headquarters building in Minato Ward, Tokyo, on February 15, 2008.

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