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Ball surface material technical specifications

Material & General Features

Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film and bio-based plastics (PEBA) film are laminated as a film. PEBA is made out of block copolymers of polyamide 11 and polyether segments, and polyamide 11 is made out of castor oil.
  • 図1:ポリアミド11の構造式
    Fig.1: Structure of Polyamide 11
  • 図2:PEBAの一般的な構造式
    Fig.2: General structure of PEBA

PEBA has general features such as high chemical resistance, high UV resistance, high impact resistance at low temperatures and lower density. Also PEBA is easy to process and can be used as additive or in blends with other polymers or rubbers.

TPU has general features such as excellent abrasion resistance, good tear resistance, good oil and grease resistance. TPU are gradually decomposed by hydrolysis and by explosion of NOx, minerals, UV, heat, bacteria.

Stability, Impact resistance test

  • グラフ1: 温度85℃、湿度80%の恒温槽内での時間ごとの分子量の低下(%)
    Graph 1: Decrease of molecular weight (%) by time

Stability of materials under high temperature and high humidity (85°C, 85%) condition was tested. The results showed that PEBA/TPU film maintained 90% of initial molecular weight after 170 hours while TPU film dropped its initial molecular weight down to 70%. Which shows PEBA/TPU film has better stability than TPU under high temperature and high humidity condition.

  • グラフ2: エネルギー比較によるフィルムの耐衝撃性(自由落下によるダート法)
    Graph 2: Comparison in energy by instrumented puncture test method

Impact resistance of the films was tested by instrumented puncture test method and the results showed that PEBA/TPU film required about 1.6 times higher energy than TPU film to puncture sample films, which shows PEBA/TPU film has higher impact resistance than TPU film.

Environmentally conscious materials

The PEBA contains polyamide 11 segments, which is made out of castor oil therefore PEBA is a bio-based plastics, which is environmentally conscious material. Using bio-based PEBA saves energy and costs by being the lightest thermal plastic elastomer.

Layer Structure

  • 写真1: 上側がTPU、下側がPEBAxRnewのダブルレイヤー構造
    Pic.1: TPU film(above) and PEBA film(bottom)
  •     図3: フィルム構造
    Fig.3: Film structure

TPU/PEBA double layered film is used as the surface of soccer ball. Initially we had a problem with printings on the surface of PEBA film due to its high chemical resistance. To solve this printing problem TPU film was chosen to be laminated over PEBA film so that printings can be on the surface of TPU film.

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