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The original ball made with highly durable materials and Sony technology is called "Join the Team!" These balls were presented to local children as part of the Public Viewing in Africa broadcasts in Cameroon and Ghana. Children have dazzling smiles when they receive their shiny new ball.
3,372 balls to be donated via various activities such as the Earth F.C. site, where donations could be made through mouse clicks.
Ball donation ceremony in Cameroon.

Matches were played with the donated balls.

With the Vice President of Ghana.

Thrilled with their new ball.

The children started to play right away.

Ripped balls and balls being repaired are a common sight. This was the inspiration for developing an highly durable ball.

Breakdown of the ball donated by participation of customers and Sony Group's activities

Participated through Sony's memory media products* (Global) 1,172
Participated through Sony Style 1,024
Other Sony Group donation 666
Participated through Sony Point 126
Participated through Sony Bank 100
Participated through ANIMAX 100
Participated through "1,000 Clicks, 1 Ball to AFRICA (one click donation)" conducted over Earth F.C. website 103
Participated through PlayStation® Home (Japan and Asia) 53
Participated through One click donation conducted over My Sony Mail Magazine 28
Total 3,372

Memory Stick™, SD Memory cards, USB Memory

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