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Play Memories

Keep those special moments safe at home.

Easily Organize Your Photos and Videos and Play Them Back Instantly

"PlayMemories Home" is a software application for the computer preloaded on all Sony cameras released in or after January 2012 (provided on CD-ROM in the case of products designated "Alpha"). You'll be amazed how easy it is to organize and search photos and videos. Link with other devices and services to explore a world of new ways to enjoy your photo and video content.

*To make full use of PlayMemories, you will need to install the extended feature set. An Internet connection is required for installation.

Download PlayMemories Home

Easy Organization/Simple Search and Playback

Manage and play back content easily using Calendar View

"PlayMemories Home" automatically organizes the photos and videos you captured on a calendar, using date and time of capture. An assortment of convenient viewing options makes it easy to find the photos and videos you're looking for. In Calendar View, you can easily search and manage your photos and videos, to play back photos and videos instantly. List View displays content of different categories, such as folders and labels, as a list. To view videos as thumbnails grouped chronologically, select Film Roll Index.


To view your photos and videos, simply connect your Sony camera to a computer (CameraDirect)

If your camera is a Sony camera, you can view them simply by connecting the camera to a computer, without transferring files. You can also easily view photos and videos stored on an external disc or on "PlayMemories Online", Sony's cloud service.



Upload to online services simply and easily.

Upload simply and easily to online services such as Facebook and YouTube.


Sharing/Viewing on Other Devices

Connect with the cloud service "PlayMemories Online" and view your photos and videos anywhere via smartphone,HD LCD-TV (BRAVIA) or tablet.

Play Memories Online

3D Video Support

Download 3D video from your camera,
then manage and play it back using the calendar

<3D video playback> - Supported formats: MPEG-4 MVC/H.264 AVCHD Ver. 2.0
- 3D playback requires Nvidia 3D Vision®.
- 3D video may not play back smoothly in some operating
*Updating to the latest version of "PlayMemories Home" is required.
*Nvidia 3D Vision® is a trademark or registered trademark of Nvidia Corporation.


Save easily to Blu-ray disc or DVD*

*Videos you've captured in 3D cannot be saved to HD DVD without the loss of some image quality. When creating HD DVDs, the 3D video is converted to 2D video as it is saved to disc. PlayMemories Home cannot create Blu-ray discs using one-touch discs. A disc drive that supports creation of Blu-ray discs is required.


Cut and edit 3D video.


Upload your content to PlayMemories Online. Play it on a 3D BRAVIA.*

*Content is uploaded in side-by-side format.


Upload to YouTube simply and easily.*

When you upload 3D videos to YouTube, YouTube reformats the content, so viewers can enjoy 3D videos even on a conventional 2D computer.

*Requires anaglyphic ("3D") glasses.

Other Convenient Features

Merge multiple videos into a single video file


Cutting and editing videos and excerpting photos.


Save 60p/3D videos to Blu-ray discs

Not only 60i and 24p HD videos, but you can also save 60p and 3D videos to Blu-ray disc.

*A disc drive that supports Blu-ray disc creation is required.
*"PlayMemories Home" cannot create Blu-ray disc using one-touch disc.


Display photos and videos shot with
GPS-compatible Sony cameras on a map showing
where each photo and video was captured

Supported Operating Systems

"PlayMemories Home" does not support MacOS.

Supported operating systems

Windows® XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) (32-bit version)
Windows Vista® Service Pack 2 (SP2)
Windows® 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1)
Windows® 8

*Your computer must have one of the operating systems listed above preloaded when shipped from the factory. Sony cannot guarantee correction operation on computers that are upgraded to the above operating systems and those with multi-boot environments.

VAIO original softwareHaving Fun with PlayMemories Home for VAIO

"VAIO Movie Creator" can be activated not only from software itself but also from short movie create function on "PlayMemories Home for VAIO." Its operation is easy. Simply select images, templates and BGMs step-by-step . Everyone can make impressive short movies.



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