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Beyond Extreme Sony XQD™ Memory Card

Up to 180MB/s*(read/write), outpacing CF card *N series transfer speed is 125MB/s(read) and 80MB/s (write) in 64GB model’s case. Based on Sony testing, and transfer speeds vary dependent on host devices.

<New S series and N series >
The new XQD S series ultra-fast transfer speed up to 180MB/s* (read/write) is achieved through the combination of a new intelligent controller, the use of high speed flash memory and a Speed-Degradation Avoiding Function that promotes efficient data-writing, in addition to using the industry-standard PCIe platform as an interface.
*N series transfer speed is 125MB/s(read) and 80MB/s (write) in 64GB model’s case.

The new XQD S series supports Sony’s professional 4K camcorder, the PXW-Z100, at “XAVC 4K Intra 422” (4096×2160/60p, 600Mbps) and “AVC HD Intra 422” (1920×1080/60p, 223Mbps).

The new XQD N series supports Sony’s consumer 4K camcorder, FDR-AX1,  at “XAVC S” (3840×2160/60p, 150Mbps).

When using with Nikon's DSLR "D4", XQD memory cards can record approximately up to 108 frames in RAW format *2 in continuous shooting mode

Data Transfer Speed
Using a USB 2.0/3.0 compatible XQD card reader or an XQD ExpressCard adapter, quickly and easily transfer large quantities of very high capacity data like RAW images to PC, delivering efficient and fast workflow.
A new driver for Thunderbolt™-enabled devices lets users transfer files to Macintosh systems, when using a compatible reader/writer.
(available through download)

<Memory Card File Rescue >
New File Rescue software  (ver.3.2) supports RAW and MOV files taken with Nikon "D4". (available through download)
  • *1 Based on Sony testing; Transfer speeds vary and are dependent on host device.
  • *2 When used with Nikon "D4", with capture of compressed 12-bit NEF (RAW) images. Based on Sony research.
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