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Beyond Extreme Sony XQD™ Memory Card

New G Series Up to 400MB/s*1 (Read speed) 350MB/s*1 (Write speed)

<New G Series Feature>

The new G Series is compliant to XQD Format Version 2, both PCI Express Gen.2 and USB3.0 interface are supported on a newly-developed controller for high performance.
The G Series delivers increased read 400MB/s*1 and write 350MB/s*1 speeds, which is three times the speed of the previous N Series cards.

Sony's unique media technology enables these G Series cards to provide efficient data writing, dependable recording of 4K video while avoiding speed degradation.
The larger capacity 128GB model expands the line-up allowing up to 40 minutes of 4K XAVC Intra 422 60p (600Mbps) recording with Sony's 4K video cameras.

Data Transfer Speed

<Main recording modes and recording time>

Product Resolution Codec Wrapper Frame Rate Bit Rate Recording Time(64GB)*3
G Series S Series N Series
PXW-FS7 QFHD XAVC-I MXF 60P 600Mbps 10min 10min -
HD XAVC-I MXF 60P 222Mbps 30min 30min -
PXW-Z100 4K XAVC-I MXF 60P 600Mbps 10min 10min -
HD XAVC-I MXF 60P 223Mbps 30min 30min -
FDR-AX1 QFHD XAVC S MP4 60P 125Mbps 50min 50min 50min
XQD G series dedicated adapter
The G Series is supplied with a dedicated USB 3.0 adapter, which offers convenience and efficiency for professional workflows. It dramatically reduce ingest time by less than half compared to the fastest Compact Flash card*2 even for large quantities of RAW images or data-intensive 4K video files.

Time to transfer data of 60GB to PC (SSD)

<XQD Memory Card Line Up>

  G Series S Series N Series
XQD Format Version XQD Format Ver.2.0 XQD Format Ver.1.0
Interface PCIe Gen2 / USB3.0 PCIe Gen1
Model Name(Capacity) QD-G32A(32GB)
Transfer Speed Read 400MB/s*1 180MB/s*1 125MB/s*1
Write 350MB/s*1 180MB/s*1 80MB/s(64GB) *1
60MB/s(32GB) *1
  • *1 Based on Sony testing; Transfer speeds vary and are dependent on host devices.
  • *2 Based on Sony's research as of September 2014.
  • *3 Recording time may differ depending on products used or shooting conditions.
  • *4 Based on Sony testing; Transfer time varies and is dependent on file size or host devices.
  • *5 You may not be able to use XQD Memory Card G Series in combination with an XQD ExpressCard adapter(QDA-EX1),
         depending on a product you use with G series. In such case, please refer to the information of your product for detail.
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