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Backup SD Card Just keep the card in the slot and set up, and it will automatically make backup copies of your documents on any updates.

Download a 30-day free trial of "Real-time Backup Utility" Download a product version of "Real-time Backup Utility" in case purchasers accidentally delete the software


Simply, backup copies of your documents or family photo/videos with a touch of ease.

POINT01 Once you choose the folders you want to backup, it will make backup copies in the card on any updates.

Note : Some email applications compile multiple emails into a single file, resulting in a substantially large file that is several GBs in size. If you specify this type of file as a target for backup, the large compiled file will be backed up with each email received. Do not specify such files as targets for backup, as this may disrupt operation of this software.

POINT02 Even if your PC goes down and your data disappears, you can be assured that you will have the backup copy of your latest files.

Note: In case of using "Schedule Backup", updates made during the period from last backup to next scheduled timing may not be backed up if your PC goes down.

POINT03 Backup automatically starts when it detects updates made on your files.  Icons are clearly indicated to show you the backup status [i.e. “Backup in progress” or “Backup Completed”].

Menu for Encryption Menu for Restore

POINT04 Files can be encrypted using the encryption option. For restoration of the backup files, the password that you previously set will be required.

Real-time Backup Utility

■A special 30-day trial* for interested users who are keen to test out the functions of the backup SD card.
    - During the trial period it makes backup copies of data in your PC to your SD card.

■Re-download of product version of "Real-time Backup Utility" for purchasers who accidentally
    deleted the software from Backup SD Card.
    - The software available here works as a product version if installed onto Backup SD Card.

*Sony is not liable for any loss, damage or corruption to any data caused during the trial period.

<Software update>
-Ver.1.3.0 (released on 14th January, 2014)
 Update feature is to improve the performance of calculating  file size,
 and reduce the time to specify/confirm the backup files.


<Important Notice>

  • 1- Sony is not liable for any loss, damage or corruption to any data caused during the trial period.
  • 2- Backup function will be disabled after the 30-days trial period ends. Users can use Restore function (to copy backed-up files back to PC) even after the trial period.
  • 3- Prior to install the software, please read "Important Precautions for Real-time Backup Utility" displayed in Setting-up Menu.

<Install Software>

  • 1- Insert your SD card to a card slot in your PC, and open "SD card drive" in "My Computer".
  • 2- Click "Download", and save "Real-time Backup" to your PC.
  • 3- Double-click "Real-time Backup" and copy "Real-time Backup Utility" folder to your SD card.
  • 4- Open "Real-time Backup Utility" folder copied in SD card, and open Startup_Menu.exe file.
  • 5- Please be sure to read "Important Precautious", appears in Startup Menu.
  • 6- Click "Install" in Startup Menu, and follow the instructions to complete installation.

<System Requirements>

OS ·Windows Vista (SP2 or later)
·Windows 7 (SP1or later)
·Windows 8
CPU Pentium 1 GHz or higher
Memory 512MB or more
HDD space 1GB or more (For installation of software : 20MB or more )
Note: Additional space is required if .NET Framework 4 or later is not installed in PC
32 bit OS:850MB or more
64 bit OS:2 GB or more
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