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x-Pict Story™ for Memory Card

"x-Pict Story for Memory Card" creates distinctive photo presentation with unique layouts synced to effects and music. It's so easily, and so much fun!
Your photos and music of memories will be arranged into a moving photo album.

The first song you learned.

The song we listened while driving.

In an aquarium, a merry-go-round attracted you more.

Note:This sample video uses reduced image and sound quality for website use.


This software is free to download for Sony brand Memory Stick™,SD Memory Card
and USB* Flash Drive owners.
*Suported models are USM-LX(A) series, USM-L series, USM-N series and USM-M series.


-Use your favorite music as BGM (MP3 file)
-High-Definition (1280 x 720) is also available

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