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e-Ticket/Smart Tag

Stadium Solutions

Sony is expanding its range of stadium solutions that create new opportunities in sports entertainment. Sports fans with IC tickets that include FeliCa money functions can enter the stadium with a simple tap, make cashless purchases, and gain access to point systems and other loyalty programs.

ANA: SKiP Service

SKiP Service by All Nippon Airways enables passengers to check in and board simply by waving a mobile wallet phone or ANA card compatible with Edy or Suica over a reader. Earned mileage points can be converted to e-money.

JAL Touch and Go Service

With Touch and Go service by Japan Airlines, which also uses FeliCa, passengers can go through boarding gates just by waving their mobile wallet phone or JAL IC card over the reader.

Smart Tag enabling efficient and eco-friendly distribution

AlOI SYSTEMS offers Smart Tag combining FeliCa technology with e-paper. Information to display in the form of text or barcodes can be rewritten through NFC communication as needed, streamlining distribution and eliminating the costs of printing labels.

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