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Closed e-Money at Aeon in Malaysia

FeliCa Lite-S has been adopted as closed e-Money that can be used in food courts at Malaysia AEON stores. AEON plans to roll the system out to more stores in Malaysia.

Rakuten Edy, nanaco, and WAON

FeliCa is used in Rakuten group's Edy, Seven Card Service's nanaco, and AEON's WAON e-money systems. These accounts can also be incorporated in mobile phones (Osaifu-Keitai) for payment.

The Flexibility of FeliCa

In addition to card format, FeliCa technology can be used in a variety of form factors such as mobile phone or coin-type tokens. FeliCa can also be incorporated into wristwatches or key fobs.

e-Money Viewer Widget, Simplifying Account Management

Sony FLO:Q widget service offers a free e-money viewer widget to view e-money balance and payment records on the card or mobile phone just by holding it onto the PC reader*.

*Requires a PC equipped with a FeliCa Port, or a PaSoRi reader.

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