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ID Card

ID cards at U.S. universities

Sony has partnered with Blackboard to provide campus solutions using FeliCa-based ID cards and NFC readers. Starting with Santa Clara University, Blackboard has now expanded to introduce FeliCa/NFC infrastructure into more than 325 universities, of which more than 65 also use FeliCa card.

ID Cards for Students, Faculty, and Employees

FCF, a shared usage format of FeliCa for ID cards, has been introduced at 171 universities and other educational institutions and 77 companies and local governments in Japan. A total of 141 companies have joined the FCF Promotion Forum launched in 2004, and each company is providing diverse services. Sony started to offer a new format in 2013, making FeliCa usable on even more systems.

FeliCa Cards/Osaifu-Keitai for Residential Access Control

Shibutani Co., Ltd offers a keyless entry system enabling residents to lock or unlock doors using FeliCa cards or mobile phones. The e-key system provides high security and reassurance against crime.

Smart Tag enabling efficient and eco-friendly distribution

AIOI SYSTEMS offers Smart Tag combining FeliCa technology with e-paper. Information to display in the form of text or barcodes can be rewritten through NFC communication as needed, streamlining distribution and eliminating the costs of printing labels.

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