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Card/IC Chip

  • RC-SA00_SA01
  • RC-S888
  • RC-S966
  • RC-S711 RC-S712

Contactless IC Token

  • RC-S108 RC-S109
  • RC-S892 RC-S893

NFC Dynamic Tag (FeliCa Plug)

  • RC-S801_S802_S926


  • RC-S500

PaSoRi Reader/Writer

  • RC-S380
  • RC-S330
  • RC-S360B_S360SH

Embedded Reader/Writer

  • RC-S632_S634
  • RC-S620/S_S620/U

SDK for NFC for Windows SDK for FeliCa for Windows

Software Development Kit to facilitate application development using NFC/FeliCa on your PC (with Windows OS)

  • ICS-D010, ICS-D004, ICS-D002, ICS-D003

Development tool suitable for embedding applications.

  • ICS-D101/13

NFC Healthcare Library

The NFC Healthcare Library is a middleware component for smart phones with Android OS to facilitate data exchange between NFC/FeliCa-enabled smart phones and NFC-enabled healthcare devices. In addition to Android, this library is also available for Windows and Linux to enable development of healthcare applications using those platforms.

  • NFC Healthcare Library

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