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"Contactless" convenience with Sony's FeliCa

Today, wherever you go, whether at train stations or at convenience stores, you see people enjoying the ease of making payment simply by holding out an IC card over a reader/writer. This "contactless" convenience is made possible by Sony's FeliCa contactless IC card technology. Placing the card over a reader/writer activates high-speed data transmission to rewrite the data to the card. The card is suitable for high volume of transactions making it environmentally-friendly. With its high security system, FeliCa is used in a wide variety of ways such as in ticketing systems for public transportations, e-money and residence door keys. The name FeliCa comes from the word "felicity," suggesting that the technology will make our daily lives more convenient and enjoyable.


Contactless high-speed data transmission

An IC chip and antenna are embedded in a FeliCa card enabling a transaction to be completed in approximately 0.1 sec, just by putting the card over a compatible reader/writer. As it is contactless, users can enjoy the ease of using the card without having to remove it from wallet or purse.

A single card for multi-usage

Functions in the card equivalent to files and folders allow a single card to offer multiple services. An employee ID card can also be used as an access card for office entrance as well as PC login. It can even be used as an e-money card for payment


The FeliCa system has achieved ISO/IEC 15408 EAL4/EAL4+ security level, the international criteria to measure the security level of a system. Important data such as the remaining balance of the card, information for e-money or personal authentication are protected from malicious attacks.

Flexibility in shape

In addition to card format, FeliCa technology can be used in a variety of form factors such as mobile phone or coin-type tokens. FeliCa can also be incorporated into wristwatches or key holders.

FeliCa is all around us

In public transportation (Transit tickets)

Simply by holding a card above a reader/writer allows the read/write of data to be transmitted with high-speed. This is a key feature of FeliCa technology, which helps to provide answers to the challenging requirements for IC tickets in transportation. This is the reason why FeliCa is used in transportation tickets for railways and buses in Japan and various other countries in Asia.

In e-money (e-Money)

FeliCa is deployed in e-money services widely used in convenience stores, shopping malls, vending machines and for Internet shopping. The stores also benefit from the efficiency of payment transactions made possible by using e-money.

In boarding passes for air craft (Boarding passes)

FeliCa is also used in boarding passes for flights in Japan. A passenger can immediately board a plane simply by placing an IC card or mobile phone above a reader/writer, reducing the amount of boarding-procedure work needed at the airline counter. Many restaurants and shops at the airport also accept e-money using FeliCa.

In student ID cards (Student IDs)

Many more universities and colleges are adopting FeliCa based student ID cards. A single card works as an ID, checks attendance and controls access to class rooms. The card can also be used for cashless payment at cafeterias, shops and vending machines on the campus.

For loyalty points/coupons (Points/coupons)

Is your wallet stuffed with loyalty point cards and coupons, making it impossible to find the right one when you want to use it? Well, FeliCa is the answer. FeliCa Pocket allows you to put all the loyalty points and coupons in a single card. More and more stores are introducing the FeliCa Pocket System to their customers.

In consumer electronics (Consumer electronics)

With video-on-demand services and pay online games becoming more popular, television sets, personal computers and game machines are now employing FeliCa technology for e-money settlement. The products are equipped with FeliCa ports used to read/write e-money cards, allowing smooth transactions for various services.

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