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Sony Develops World's Highest Optical Output(*1) 7.2W, 635nm Wavelength Red Semiconductor Laser Array
Achieves 1.6 times brightness(*2), high efficiency and room temperature operation

*1 As of Aug.21st 2008. (based on Sony research)
*2 Sony red semiconductor laser array, developed in 2005.
(Aug. 21, 2008)

Sony develops back-illuminated CMOS image sensor, realizing high picture quality, nearly twofold sensitivity(*1) and low noise
Signal-to-noise ratio improvement of +8dB, for use in consumer digital video camcorders and digital still cameras

*1 Comparison between conventional (front-illuminated structure) and back-illuminated CMOS image sensor with the same pixel size (1.75 Ám)
(June 11, 2008)

(January 30, 2008)

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