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* The Industry's First Ultra-Small High-Definition Color OLED Displays

ECX331A, ECX332A

The ECX331A and the ECX332A are the industry's first*1 ultra-small, high-definition color OLED displays. Sony's unique expertise in both OLED display and semiconductor silicon drive technologies have made available the wide color gamut, high contrast and fast response of OLED displays in a diagonal 0.5-type XGA version and a 0.7-type high-definition version. Its overwhelming color reproduction, contrast and high definition produce a realistic image that makes it ideal in electronic viewfinders (EVF) in digital single-lens cameras or head-mounted displays and other ultra-small and high-definition display applications.

* 1: As of July, 2011 (based on Sony's research)

* ECX331A, ECX332A
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■ Ultra-small high-definition color OLED display
■ Wide color gamut, high contrast and fast response
■ Built-in drivers
All in one package
* Ultra-Small, High-Definition Color OLED Display
Ultra small and high definition, the ECX331A and the ECX332A are only 12.7 mm (0.5 type) and 18.0 mm (0.7 type) diagonally in the XGA and high-definition version, respectively. (See table 1.) As a consumer EVF, it has the industry's highest resolution while also boasting the industry's smallest pixel size in an OLED display. The smallest pixel size is 3.3 m 9.9 m, which is approximately 1/20 the size of pixels in existing OLED displays. An ultra-small high definition display was achieved by forming a color filter (CF) on the white organic EL layer. (See figure 1.)
* Wide Color Gamut, High Contrast and Fast Response
Both the ECX331A and the ECX332A are ultra small but generate 90% NTSC color gamut with a maximum contrast ratio of 10,000:1 and a fast response of 0.01 ms or less. (See table 2.) The wide color gamut, high contrast and fast response provide more natural color reproduction, smoother gradation properties and superior moving picture quality especially as EVFs in digital single-lens cameras during shooting or for greater audio-visual impact in viewing 3D video using a head-mounted display.
* Built-in Drivers
All in One Package

This is an all-in-one package configuration that provides all the required D/A converters, timing controllers and temperature correction for driving it. (See figure 2.) As a stand-alone display, it is easy to handle and saves space when placed on an electrical board.
* The Result of Sony's Unique Technology
Decreasing subpixel size normally causes light to spill over onto adjacent pixels leading to current leaks and lower image quality and image properties. The ECX331A and the ECX332A are the result of high precision alignment using semiconductor assembly technology of silicon drive substrate and CF substrates configured using semiconductor high voltage processing and high-definition CF processing. This high precision alignment technology combined with optimization in light shielding configuration have minimized deterioration in image quality and image properties caused by alignment displacement and repeated reflections of stray light. In addition, electrode (anode) configuration and material have been optimized to control light-generating areas and leak current. The composition of materials used in the emission light (EL) layer and film structure have been optimized to improve the tolerance to current leaks that degrade image quality and image properties.
•••• Mr. Makimura ••••
Sony's new OLED display combines ultra-small size with high image quality that will provide a visual experience of an entirely different dimension.
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