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CX-NEWS is a Web magazine that presents the latest information on Sony Semiconductor and component technologies over the Internet.

Number Vol.61
new products
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LAMINATE Technology with Internal Inductors for the World's First On-board Silicon Tuner Compatible with All Broadcasting Systems
Printed Circuit Board Functional Building Technology

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Second Generation DVB-T2/T/C Demodulator IC with Substantially Improved Functionality and Performance and Designed for Ease of Use
Second Generation DTMB and DVB-C Demodulator IC for China that Combines Improvements in Functionality and Performance with Compact Size
Diagonal 6.0 mm (Type 1/3) 950K-Effective Pixel Color CCD Image Sensor for Security Cameras Support 720p High-Definition Output
Analog Front End IC and Camera System IC for Security Cameras
The Industry's First Ultra-Small High-Definition Color OLED Displays
High-Resolution, Low-Temperature Polysilicon LCD Modules for Digital Cameras Using Newly Developed "RGBW Method" WhiteMagic™

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Sony is Aiming for Top Market Share in Demodulator ICs
Balancing discrete optimization with global standardization in the global trends of TV broadcast digitization

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