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A Spring Performance
On the path of a spring walk, gently warmed by the sun, this is the biggest performance of the year for the flowers. A chorus for a concerto performed in color and fragrance. It is as though the music itself were dancing.
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Number Vol.60
new products
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The World's First Demodulator LSI for "DVB-T2" Terrestrial Digital Broadcast Standard
Diagonal 7.763 mm (Type 1/2.3) 14.2M-Effective Pixel High-Resolution Consumer Digital Still Camera CCD Image Sensor Supports 720p Moving Picture and 1/4 Resolution Still Picture Imaging
Eight-Beam Laser Diode Achieves Faster Printing and Higher Resolution
Transmissive LED Backlit 7.54 cm (3.0-Type) LCD Module Features the 3:2 Aspect Ratio Used by 35mm Film and Digital Single-Lens Reflex Cameras and Achieves an Extremely Wide Viewing Angle

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Discussing Image Sensor Evolution and the Future of Imaging at the ISSCC 2010 Plenary Session
Exceeding film quality and then exceeding human vision. Towards a world of sensational imaging.

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