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* Transmissive 7.5 cm (3.0-Type) LED Backlit 921k-Dot Color Window-On LCD Module Features the VSPECIIITM Wide Viewing Angle LCD Mode


The ACX396AKS is a built-in driver diagonal 7.5 cm LED backlit Window-On module that uses low-temperature polysilicon transistors.
This panel features ultrahigh resolution (271 ppi) and provides a detailed and smooth display. Furthermore, by adopting the Window-On antireflection process technology, the ACX396AKS can display strong blacks and increases display visibility.
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■ Visibility increased by the Window-On antireflection process technology
■ VSPECIIITM (wide viewing angle technology) achieves the wide viewing angle of 160 in the up/down and right/left directions (CR 100:1)
■ Wide color gamut: sRGB 100%
■ New LCD mode adopted
Contrast: 800:1
■ Number of display dots: 921k dots in an 7.5 cm (3.0-type) stripe arrangement panel


* vspec_logois a trademark of Sony Corporation.
* Window-On (Antireflection Process Technology) Adopted
In existing LCD panel structures, there are large losses due to reflections in the air gap between the end product’s protective cover (window) and the LCD module. The ACX396AKS, however, adopts the Window-On antireflection process technology.
By directly applying the customer’s protective cover (window) to the LCD, the loss from reflections can be reduced greatly and the display’s visibility can be increased. As compared to a reflectivity of 12% when there is an air gap, the reflectivity is reduced to 4% when there is no gap. (See figure 2.)
* VSPECIIITM (Wide Viewing Angle Technology) Adopted
This device adopts a wide viewing angle mode based on Sony’s new VSPECIIITM technology. Visibility is increased at every viewing position and the panel achieves a viewing angle of 160 in the up/down and right/left directions.
* Wide Color Gamut
Due to adoption of the new VSPECIII TM wide viewing angle mode, the ACX396AKS achieves the wide color gamut of sRGB 100% (NTSC 74%). (See figure 4.)
* High Contrast
The ACX396AKS achieves the high contrast of 800:1 by adopting the VSPECIIITM wide viewing angle LCD mode.
* Finer Detail
Due to its ultrahigh resolution (271 ppi), the ACX396AKS produces smooth and detailed images. The number of pixels displayed is 640H 3 480V, or 921,600 dots.
•••• Mr. Mori••••
By adopting the Window-On antireflection process technology that integrates the customer’s protective cover with the LCD module, the ACX396AKS achieves improved display visibility. I am pleased that the efforts of the project team members allowed us to create this produce. I strongly recommend that you look into Sony’s LCD products that can display such solid blacks.
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