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SONY Sony Corporation Global Headquarters

Moment - Never Miss the Emotion of the Moment Impression - Capturing the “Perfect Shot” from a Moving Picture Beauty - Superb Picture Quality Created from a Sequence of Images Speed - The More Clearly You See Life, the Better It Gets

A new imaging world created by Sony's CMOS sensors, which provide both high speed and high picture quality

Sony develops CMOS sensors whose high-speed characteristics can be taken high definition recording and seamless capture of both moving and still images. Sony is also striving to create new possibilities for digital imaging by aiming at achieving high-speed imaging at rates up to several hundreds of frames per second. Furthermore, Sony is working to increase the number of pixels that can be read out at 60 frame/s to achieve even further improvements in high-speed imaging and contributing to creating a new axis of high quality, multifunction digital cameras based on this high-speed performance.

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