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What is GVIF?

GVIF stands for Gigabit Video InterFace.
GVIF is a high speed serial video delivery interface developed by Sony. It allows high quality digital transmission of over 1.0Gbps over a single shielded pair at distances up to 10 to 20 meters depending on the resolution.

Additionally, the porting of industry-leading content protection technology makes GVIF the ideal interface for next generation automotive video systems.

GVIF has a long (10+ year) history of success and pedigree originating in Sony's core technology development. Originally developed for the consumer and IT markets, the GVIF product line has migrated to focus solely on automotive video products. It was a natural progression, since GVIF is uniquely suited for the car.

GVIF can be considered a true convergence product.porting advanced consumer technology to the automobile.

GVIF Milestones

TS Propose an original serial interface aimed to be standard digital interface between PC-LCD
CXB1451Q/1452Q Release 18-bit true color, XGA chip-set
Separate type of monitor, POS, In flight entertainment
CXB1454R-1456R Release 24-bit full color, XGA chip-set
Start providing parts to car makers
Japanese Car Makers start to deliver car navigation system using the CXB1454R/CXB1455R
CXB1457R/1458R Release 24-bit full color, EGA-SVGA chip-set
One of major car makers is to adopt to all new cars
Shipment began to WW customers
CXM4017R/4018R MP HDCP version
TS Release
HD & Audio Support
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