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SONY Sony Corporation Global Headquarters

Sony MHL Authorized Test Center (ATC) offers MHL compliance testing service to MHL Adopters.
The testing is performed according to MHL Specification and MHL Compliance Test Specification (CTS).
ATC test report is provided to MHL adopter after test was complete.
  • Sony MHL ATC - Osaki
  • Sony MHL ATC - Gotanda
  • Sony MHL ATC - Taipei
  • Sony MHL ATC - Shenzhen
Test Price and Lead Time
Details are shown on Test Price List below.
We might ask applicant to change test schedule or testing lab, if we cannot meet their request, depending on our test slot availability.
Test Submission Procedures
Please apply for testing after confirming Test Submission Procedures.
Ordering Package (for MHL adopter only)
You can request the detailed information of Sony MHL ATC application here.
The order package will be sent via email later.
(Only MHL adopter is accepted for ordering MHL ATC testing.)
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